Courses and Resources

Courses (all online course material is now offered through bCourses)

VS203B: Aberrations and Physical Optics   (no longer used)

VS212A: Vision Science Proseminar: Optics and Dioptrics of the Eye (no longer used)



Lecture Recordings

Michelson Interferometer Demo 9 minute MP4 recording

Polarizing Filter Demo 4 minute MP4 recording

Data from Manuscripts

Bowers, Boehm, Roorda, "The effects of tremor on the retinal image" bioRxiv.

ZIP file ( containing files with original eye motion traces and concatenated drift segments for each dataset (5 10-second traces for each subject), and a Matlab script to plot the traces.

Wang, Tiruveedhula, Bensaid, Ma, Ravikumar, Roorda, "Human Foveal Cone Photoreceptor Topography and its Dependence on Eye Length" bioRxiv.

ZIP file (HUMAN_FOVEAL_CONES.ZIP) containing all the original images, cone locations, scaling and retinal magnifdication factors, and a Matlab script to plot the cone locations on the image.

Roorda, A. Williams, D.R. "The arrangement of the three cone classes in the living human eye", Nature 397: 520-522  (1999). & Roorda, A., Metha, A., Lennie, P., Williams, D.R., “Packing Arrangement of the Three Cone Classes in the Primate Retina” Vision Research, 41(12) 1291-1306 (2001). 

ZIP (SML_MOSAICS.ZIP) continaing images, cone locations and cone type assignments for two humans and one monkey.


Wavefront Software

    ZIP file (WavefrontAnalysis.ZIP) of Matlab scripts and functions that can be used to compute various image quality metrics from Zernike coefficient data.

    NOTE: This is not GUI-based software. Please read the UserGuide before running. 

Tracking Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope  (TSLO)



    These slides are used for an SPIE short course "Optics and Optics Quality of the Human Eye" and for a short course at the Wavefront Congress

    Optics of the Eye as pdf (~9 MB)

    Optics of the Eye as Powerpoint (~25 MB)